Dr. Kathryn (Kay) Hodgins
Dr. Kathryn (Kay) HodginsHead of Lab
Kay has a diversity of research interests that generally focus on plant evolution in human altered environments.
Paul Battlay
Paul BattlayPostdoctoral researcher
Understanding the genetic basis of behavior and associated signatures of evolutionary convergence in three species of Caenorhabditis nematodes.
Hanna Rosinger
Hanna RosingerPhD Student
Hanna’s research interests includethe role of hybridization during invasion in Cakile.
Prasangi De Silva
Prasangi De Silva PhD Student
Prasangi’s research interests include the genetic basis of climate adaptation in an Australian grass.
Vanessa Bieker
Vanessa BiekerPhD Student
(PhD student at NTNU with Mike Martin and co-supervised by Kay Hodgins)
Cristobal Gallegos
Cristobal Gallegos PhD Student
Cris is broadly interested in marine evolutionary ecology and how organisms survive environmental change.
Yael Rodger
Yael RodgerPhD Student
Yael’s research interests involve using genetic rescue to manage populations of an endangered grassland daisy.
Jonny Wilson
Jonny WilsonPhD Student
My main area of interest is the role of structural variation in the evolution of invasive species during range expansion.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Lab manager

Former Lab Members

Lotte van Boheemen
Lotte van BoheemenPhD Student
Lotte’s research interests focused on genetics of rapid adaptation.
Emma Barnett
Emma Barnett Honours student
Emma’s research interests focused on overcoming mate limitation in a colonizing plant.
Jacqueline Lee
Jacqueline LeeHonours student
Jacquealine’s research focuses on the genetics of flowering time adaptation in invasive common ragweed.
Dzana Mehic
Dzana MehicHonours student
Dzana’s research interests currently focuses on climate adaptation in an Australian grass
Georgia Lloyd
Georgia LloydLab tech
Kristin Nurkowski
Kristin Nurkowski Lab tech
In memory of Kristin’s life and her academic path, the Kristin Nurkowski Memorial Fund has been established at UBC.
Sarah Bou-assi
Sarah Bou-assi Lab manager
Sarah’s research interests include evolution of defence related traits in common ragweed during introduction
Shannon Hodges
Shannon HodgesHonours student
Shannon’s research focused on context dependent reproductive allocation.

Jennifer Stephens
Jennifer StephensHonours student
Jennifer’s research focused on glyphosate resistance in common ragweed.
Matthew Silcocks
Matthew SilcocksHonours student
Matt’s research focuses on the genetics of glyphosate resistance in common ragweed.